Friday, December 12, 2008

ANUGERAH KHAS YAB KETUA MENTERI (Penyanyi & Pemuzik Sabah) Auditorium Tun Raffae Likas 27.5.2008

It all began when Laila Elok (popular RTM Sabah DJ) the DJ on duty at a function in Kota Kinabalu attended by Chief Minister YAB Datuk Sri Panglima Musa Haji Aman suggested that award should be organised to appreciate the constribution by such veteran singer as Datuk MY Ismail who was the entertainer in that function. Without hesitation the CM turned to Kota Kinabalu mayor Datuk Elias Ibrahim who was at his side "you do it!".

The award which is the first of its kind listed out candidates as follows: Datuk MY Ahmad, Mendiang John Gaisah, ABM Fajeer, Datuk Peter Pragas, A award llahyarham AJ Ajmain,Ismail Jejaka, Peter Dicky Lee, Datuk Hj. MY Ismail, Ng Kui Ching, Justine Stimol, AH Yamin, Malim Wahid, Datuk Patrick Micheal, Ambrose Mudi, Daud Abdillah, AS Sumardy, PA Mohammad, Aishah Muhiddin, Maskor Dollah, WA Rashid, Suzie Ismail, Sakmat Tajuddin D Mariam, Dayang Sofiah Osman, Hj. Jaafar Yunus, Jamaludin Hj. Abdul Hamid, Rogayah Sukardi, Jamaludin A. Hamid, PA Zainal, Patrik Maduil, SM Yusuf, MN Suzein, Maimu khalid, Datin Dayang Aminah Mayasin, Abdullah Bungsu, B Banun, Johnny Sung, Jeffry Su, Jeffry Sinau, Juen, WA Mumin, Petronella Lansing, Latifah Gindug, Ajirun Nordin, Sharifah Yahya, Ismail Shuib, Khalil Ahmad Noor and Moinis Simin. The list of awards were as follows: 1) Anugerah Khas YAB Ketua Menteri 2) Anugerah Sri Kinabalu, 3) Anugerah Penyenyi Sepanjang Zaman 4) Anugerah Kembara 5) Anugerah Penyanyi Popular and 6) Recognition Certificates.

As for the Anugerah Kembara award the winner was Ambrose Mudi for his master of music academic achievement, representation of Malaysia to overseas music seminarar and simposium and contribution to national and Kadazandusun music development. He recieved a trophy, a certificate and cash price of RM1,000 from chief minister YAB Datuk Sri Panglima Musa Haji Aman. The other award recepients were Datuk MY Ismail, Datuk Peter Pragas, John Gaisah, Ismail Jejaka, Peter Dicky Lee, Datuk Pat Micheal, Malim Wahid, Latifah Gindug, Ng Kui Ching, D Mariam and JaafarYunus.


Japrin said...

we are very proud of you by receiving the award sir.. congratulations for the Kembara Award!

nars said...

I agree with pirut. I am very proud of him too ( sifu Ambrose Mudi). I know him about 20 years ago. He is very creative and talented artis.His song called 'Nung noilaanku'which he composed 20 years ago being sung by many local artis.Its a famous song till now sung by Clare Petrus Ewin.Keep on going Bro. Nars

ading said...

Salute to Ambrose Mudi

since i was 10 years old, your name already known to me from my mother who use to tune in RTM Sabah early morning program.

my mother is the one (with my late father actually) will introduce who is who after each songs been sung. that's includes your name.

your name is 'as big' as the Sabah music scene for all these years.

well, about your suggestion to PERTISA on several topics, i think PERTISA should put it as parts of their (this year's) activities. i guest many parties willing to gain experience on that matters, another income for PERTISA as well.

But let us put it on our mind that since PERTISA has no other, direct or daily income/funds, therfore such activities might be put in a shelf for a while to give ways to PERTISA 'big' objectives interms of royalties management and collection with MACP, jointventure events and promotions activities, long term business plan and strategy for the benefits to all registered members.

I myself have inked smoe future plan for PERTISA for Datuk Presiden to eveluate and table it for PERTISA.

i hope the proposal will benefits to all members, public and the music industries in future.


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